Why Attend?

  • Connect with military admissions reps and veterans students from the world’s top-ranked MBA programs
  • Get priority consideration for a variety of military scholarship funding!
  • Network & listen to military students and alumni talk about how b-school has impacted their careers


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Success Stories

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Registration Eligibility

You must meet both of the requirements listed below to register for the event.

Military Service

You must meet one of either of the following requirements:

  • You are currently serving on active duty or in the Guard/Reserve
    Note: If on active duty, your ETS date must be between now and September 2019
  • You are an honorably discharged veteran

Academic Requirements

  • Must possess a bachelor’s degree by Summer 2019
  • Must not possess or be pursuing an MBA degree


Career Panels .
Lunch .
MBA Admissions Expo .
MBA Admissions Speed Pitching .
Onsite Interviews (Saturday) .
June 1 – October 10 $35


  1. After registering, you will receive a unique referral email link administered by the popular ReferralCandy App
  2. Share that link with friends and colleagues
  3. You will receive $20 for every person who signs up for the Summit via your link and they will get $20 off their registration using your code.

Note: Payments are distributed via Paypal


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Frequently asked questions

You must meet both of the requirements listed below to register for the event.

Why is there a fee to attend this event?

The value in any career event or conference is to make new connections and explore career options. It’s very hard to do that if you don’t show up in person. If we made the event free, we’d get a lot of registrants, but attrition would be high. By charging a fee, even a reasonable one, it helps to put a value on the event and incentivizes people to participate.

Is this conference just for officers?

No, it’s open to any person who has served in the military and has a bachelor’s degree, regardless of rank.

I already have an advanced degree. May I attend?

Yes, as long as your degree is not an MBA.

I see that this is being hosted in conjunction with the MBA Veterans Conference. Can I attend that as well?

No, you can’t also attend the MBA Veterans Conference. That’s because the recruiters attending MBA Veterans are MBA recruiters. If you don’t have an MBA from one of those schools and aren’t a student, they wouldn’t be able to recruit you. A different recruiting team handles ‘transitioning veterans’.

I have some civilian work experience. May I attend as well?

Absolutely. In your case, this will be particularly useful if you’re considering graduate school.

I’m a military spouse/DOD civilian/FBI/CIA etc. May I attend?

No, this conference is only for current or former military personnel.

Will I be able to get a job at this event?

While it’s not impossible, it’s not likely. That’s because this conference is intended to help you make connections with companies and grad schools while educating you about life outside of the military, but it isn’t a traditional hiring conference.


3rd Annual
Veterans Summit

Location: Chicago, IL

October 5<sup>th</sup> 2019

4th Annual
Veterans Summit

Location: Chicago, IL

October 10<sup>th</sup> 2020


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